The mobile revolution yet to come

To me it’s pretty nice to see all these changes with the mobile world. I’m 29 now and I’d consider myself as old school. I’ve been using the Internet for one and a half decade now but this new generation is nuts. Not negatively. It’s just so different. We can’t even understand them and it’s astonishing to us how they communicate and also learn these days.

I always thought they revolutionize the Internet with Facebook but it seems to be uncool already. I’ve been following political revolutions like in Egypt and was sure that this is the future. That we can build movements, organize and change the world with the social web. But I’m missing something here. To me, there’s a missing link between the social web and the Internet that consists of websites. I’m not talking about user generated content. This was the start of Web 2.0. I’m talking about a real connection between these two worlds. Sure, you can use Facebook connect and comment function for all your sites. This is also a link between social networks and web content. But that’s not what I mean. I mean a linkage between mobile apps, social networks and static content. Sure, you can add to your Facebook timeline. And yes, you can click on links in your Facebook app directing you somewhere else. Right now we can share content and enjoy content from the old school web. But is this how the revolution will look like? I really doubt it. I also don’t think that there’s an evolutionary way. That we can get this link with incremental improvements. I highly doubt that this will be the case. Whoever can get this link done could become the next global player. I’m 100% sure about that! Whoever wants to aim for this should not think about developing games for iphone, another social network or how to profit from existing systems like Facebook or Google. This parasite approach won’t succeed.