How games influence students performance

I have to admit that I’m a big fan of all types of games. But there’s a huge difference between playing games and playing games. What I want to say is that games add either additional entertainment to life or they are like a life. It’s obvious that there can be plenty of things you can do during your leisure. Some go shopping, in the park, to the beach, in the cinemas, play golf, whatever. All of these “typical” leisure activities have one thing in common: they can’t be addictive – at least only under very rare circumstances. But games like World of Warcraft are a totally different story. These games are so realistic and similar to everyday life that there can be confusion what is actually real life and what is fiction. This is something no other leisure activity can offer. So you can say that these games can even replace lifes. This is not a good thing but a trend we can’t ignore.

However, there are also good news. When you take a look at the Google trend for World of Warcraft it’s shrinking dramatically. It seems that a game like that won’t be a mass phenomena but something with a hard core of gamers. Same is true for casino games. As you can see it was a hot topic back in 2004 when the first online casinos appeared and offered a better gaming experience than traditional casinos. But nowadays it’s pretty common and those who like to gamble still do it but not that many new players will appear on the radar. Even the steady improvement of games and experience like the development of the best slot games won’t help in this case as it seems. But I think this is something positive. These games (and also games like World of Warcraft or Second Life) can be very dangerous and distractive especially for the younger generation. But there are also positive influences of games as you can see here. The key here is that games are not generally good or bad. It’s only bad when you tend to be addictive and are forced to play even though you’re unwilling to do so and have the impression that you have better things to do. Then it’s a very dangerous position you’re in.