Freshman Year – Surprises That Are In Store for You

Welcome to a new phase of your life. You have left high school behind and now is your chance to enter an entirely new world with new faces all around you. For some, the idea of walking through the doors of unfamiliar premises surrounded by strangers inspires anxiety and stress. Things may seem foreign to you. You may also feel completely alien, but by knowing what to expect, you can make sure that things stay right on track and you face all the challenges with confidence. Read on to find out how it should go.

Seniors Seem Too Big

When you are out of high school, it seems as if it will be ages before you will be done with university. Things further get tricky when you notice seniors walking around with an air of authority about them. Obviously, they have been in the university longer.

Not only do they reflect confidence, but may also seem intimidating. However, what you should not forget is that it will only be a matter of time before you will be where they are today. This will help bring that much needed confidence back.

Finding Your Class Seems To Be a Big Undertaking

The size of a university is bigger than any of the educational institutions you have ever attended so far and getting lost is quite easy. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you take orientation classes so as not to face any problems on your first day. Also make sure that you visit all you classrooms at least once beforehand to have an idea regarding their location so that you can easily find your classes on your first day and avoid tardiness.

Making New Friends

Make new friends. Don’t shy away from breaking the ice. Initiate conversations and be ready in case someone needs help, even if it is just opening a seat. Others will be going through the same situation as you, so don’t hesitate to take the initiative. However, you have to be a little discerning in your choice of friends as you will want to make sure that you are surrounded by people who respect your choices and will be a positive influence in your educational venture.

Meet Teachers’ High Expectations

Handling pressure is one of the most important aspects of university life. Teachers expect a lot more from you. You will have more research papers to write, harder assessments and lengthier assignments. In any case, you have to focus at excelling as a student and meeting and exceeding your teacher’s expectations.

Organize More

With countless opportunities to learn and do new things, organization is something that just cannot be overlooked. You have to balance your extra-curricular activities with academic obligations. Organization is something useful in every single area of life and now is the perfect time to learn it.

Embrace the Change

Acknowledging that there will be change can be the key to freshman year success. University life is going to be an entirely new experience and while it will be harder, it will be more rewarding as well. You will move forward in your life, you will grow up and you will learn to view things from a different perspective. In any case, change will come. Expect things to change frequently so you don’t have any trouble adjusting to it.